Why Goat?

While the macronutrients of goat milk & cow milk are comparable, goat dairy contains unique characteristics that makes it easier for us to absorb/digest. Many people that have problems digesting conventional cow dairy can consume goat products with zero issues. Scroll down for some reasons why.

Similar to Breast Milk

Goat milk shares an identical blend of 5 prebiotic oligosaccharides with human milk. These oligosaccharides are effective at promoting healthy bacteria in the gut & improving digestion. This is why a lot of new infant formulas are starting to contain goat whey & why there are a lot of old wives tales about feeding babies goats milk.


Unlike other animal milks, goat milk is naturally homogenized. This means that the fat particles are all the same size. Because of this goat milk does not undergo the harsh mechanical homogenization process that can damage some of its natural properties.


Bio-availability measures how well and how quickly a substance can be absorbed and utilized by the body. Animal based protein sources have much higher absorption rates when compared to plant based, with whey being the gold standard.

study comparing goat based infant formula, cow based infant formula, and human milk showed that the goat based formula had the highest protein digestibility score.


Goat dairy is renowned for its hypoallergenic properties, largely due to its lower levels of alpha-S1 casein protein.

One study found 99 out of 100 infants who were allergic to cow milk thrived well on goat milk

Less Lactose

Goat milk contains less lactose than cow's milk, making it easier for many people to digest without discomfort. This lower lactose content means that even those with lactose intolerance might find goat milk more tolerable.

Smaller Fat Particles

Due to smaller fat particles & unique protein structures, goat milk produces a smaller & more soft curd in the stomach that allows more easier digestion.

Healthy Fat Content

Goat milk is loaded with short (SCFAs) and medium-chain fatty acids (MCFAs). These fats are important in maintaining gut health & many other important biological processes in the body.


While the science supports the effectiveness of goat dairy as an excellent source of protein it is always best to try things for yourself and see what works for you! With carefully crafted ingredients/manufactuiring processes we strive to deliver a delicious, healthy protein option for those that truly care about their health!

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