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PRAVI Nutrition

Vanilla Goat Whey Protein

Vanilla Goat Whey Protein

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  • Lactose intolerant friendly & hypoallergenic
  • From gently pasteurized goats milk 
  • Minimally processed without acid or bleach
  • Heavy metals tested
  • More bioavailable than cow whey & plant based alternatives
  • Sourced from small family farms


We believe dairy is best when it is closest to its natural state. That's why we use low-temperature pasteurization & other careful manufacturing processes to minimize heat exposure & keep the protein non-denatured.  Goat's milk is also naturally homogenized so it does not have to go through the very harsh homogenization process. 


Nothing to hide here:  Goat Whey Protein Concentrate + Organic Vanilla Bean Powder + <1% Non-GMO Sunflower Lecithin 

NO gums, artificial flavors, artificial sweeteners, food dyes, or hidden carrier agents



Our whey is unsweetened so we suggest adding natural sweeteners like honey, maple syrup or combining with fruit in a blender. For the more hardcore folks it can be shaken with milk or water.


Find several reviews below and don't hesitate to reach out to us on socials or the contact us page if you have any questions-

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"I have tried many other brands and always end up with an upset stomach, NOT with Pravi’s formula."

 "Clean and easy to digest"

"This protein is delicious but the best part is no upset stomach after consuming it"

Customer Reviews

Based on 41 reviews
Zoe Escue
Hands Down the Best Protein Powder We Have Tried!

We have tried a slew of protein powders trying to find one that is extremely clean and packed with wholesome nutrients. This product far exceeds our expectations. Packed with Amino Acids, Bio-Available Vitamins, Minerals, and Nutrients, Grass Fed, Cold Processed, Hormone-Fresh and Soy Free!! Plus it is made in America! Fantastic product. We even ordered a container to be mailed to one of our friends. We are so happy this company exists and that their values and standards are just as high as ours! Thank you.

John Maggio
BEST Protein Powder on the market!!

Pravi Goat Whey Protein is hands down the BEST and CLEANEST protein powder I have ever used. I have tried many other brands and always end up with an upset stomach, NOT with Pravi’s formula.

Pravi’s focus on high quality and all natural ingredients is second to none. I highly recommend the Goat Whey Protein for anyone trying to live a healthy lifestyle.

Matt Pratico
Goatein is next level

Ive gotten this protein twice now and I plan to keep buying it. I've never been a fan of protein shakes, they felt like cement in my stomach and left me bloated. This goatein is not that at all, it claims to be easily digestible and it 100% is. No bloated feeling, no uncomfortable heaviness in the stomach.
If you love the taste of goat milk, this is for you.
I put a little maple syrup in my Shaker bottle when I make it. Adds a nice touch of sweetness.

On top of that, the order fulfillment and shipping is very quick and the customer service is on point.


Really chalky

Heather Poovey
Vanilla 🐐 Whey

I am new to goat whey protein and am surprised how delicious this protein is with just a few good clean ingredients. It mixes smoothly into yogurt and smoothies. Tastes great, digests easily and gives sustained energy and satiety.